The Kiwi's Tale


Save your Kiwi friends throughout New Zealand


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The Kiwi's Tale is a platform game inspired by the classic 80s Taito arcade 'New Zealand Story', in fact it was developed for the 2008 Retro Remakes competition. In the game, you control Nik the Kiwi, a Kiwi and an alien sheep kidnaps all of your Kiwi friends, from then on you'll have to travel through New Zealand (16 levels) to rescue your friends.

It's very easy to control, left, right, jump and shoot, that's all, all the flavour of one of the most famous games of the 80s in your new computer.

Everything is similar to the original game, although you'll realize that the music is different, and it's much better, including funny sounds of the characters in the game.

Many enemies are waiting you on your way to your friends, be careful, fire them and try to rescue your friends. Be careful, if an enemie touch you, you'll die.
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